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Uncover the SECRETS to
stunning smartphone photography

And never miss a special moment again!

Uncover the SECRETS to stunning smartphone photography

And never miss a special moment again!

Surprise your friends. Amaze your followers.

Imagine being able to capture impactful smartphone photos.

Imagine impressing yourself and others.

You are one easy course away to making this happen.

All you need is your smartphone.

It wasn't always easy.

Hello, I am Shot on Phone founder Haroun Souirji.

20 years ago, I decided that I wanted to get into photography.

The beginning was rough... I had no confidence and the few times I was confident my shot was good only led to disappointment when looking at the pictures back home.

Only after lots of experimentation with composition and lighting did I see what worked and did not.

20+ countries. Thousands of photos.

My understanding of image capture started paying off and I started getting noticed...

Everything changed when I got my first shoot for Adidas.

It would start almost a decade of photo and video capture in over 20 countries on 4 continents.

My work would be seen on the Web, in galleries, on TV, in festivals and even in cinemas.

Some of my past clients...

... then came smartphones.

Used to dragging with me heavy and bulky camera equipment, I instantly adopted smartphones.

Light, always in your pocket, quick edits and instant sharing in one device.

Smartphones are now my go-to camera in all situations.

PS: every single photo on this page was captured with a phone.

Take the shortcut. Unleash your creativity.

What if you could avoid a decade of trial and error?

Never fail to immortalize a trip or a special moment with your loved ones.

Learn from my early mistakes and see the world through a photographer's eye.

Discover the techniques and rules behind great photography:  composition, lighting, exposure, etc.

Once you know how to shoot with your smartphone, you can finally realize your creative vision and turn special moments into beautiful memories.

Shot on Phone will teach you among other things...

Master photography techniques


Learn how to use your phone's portrait mode.


Composition, timing, best phone features...

Night photography

Learn how to use your phone's night mode and also how to do light trails.

Long exposures

Create magical photos with built it and third-party long exposure modes.

Introduction to smartphone videos



Easy steps for amazing time-lapses and also hyper-lapses (time-lapses in motion).


Perfect Slow Motion

Create full-sensor quality smartphone slow motion with my unique method.

It gets even better. Literally.

Did you know that every popular photo you see on Instagram is heavily edited?

In fact people have edited their photos since the beginning of analog photography.

I will show you how to easily edit your images on your phone to turn good photos into captivating photographs.

Slide to view before/after. Long Exposure in Venice, Italy. Edited directly on the iPhone 14.

For all phones.

I made sure that this course will help you, no matter your phone model.

Knowing general photography skills will dramatically change your photos, no matter the camera.

But also, every smartphone feature and mode is demonstrated with screen captures on both iOS and Android.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Follow the course when and where is suits you best. Pyjamas compatible :-)


All levels









30-day money-back guarantee.

One email. Full refund. No questions asked.

Get Instant Lifetime Access.

Normal Price €199

Today's Price (-80%)

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Get Instant Lifetime Access.

Normal Price €199

Today's Price (-80%)

Only €39


Make the most out of your expensive phone.

 When you buy a new phone, the biggest upgrade now is the camera.

This is what you pay so much for.

If you can't get the best out of it, you are wasting your money.

Tuscany, Italy. iPhone.

Do people like this course?

Here are some of the reviews my students left me.

Bruno S.

Great course, both for beginners and amateurs in my opinion! With plenty of reminders of important concepts - composition, exposition, etc. - and even a chapter on retouching. I really recommend 🙌 Buying a super expensive smartphone to not know how to take good photos with it, it's a shame!

Simon D.

Having been a photography enthusiast for a long time, I always hesitated to take the step of only going with my phone. We hiked long-distance in the Alps this summer with my wife and not having to carry a camera with two lenses was a real relief. Haroun's lessons and advice allowed me to take beautiful images and I didn't miss my big camera.

Matthys K.

With smartphones, we have technology at hand which go wasted. Thank you for unlocking the potential of a smartphone camera in a methodical, comprehensible and clear way. The explanations are easy to follow and make photography lingo straightforward. I strongly recommend this course. We use our smartphone camera with much better effect now in our social media marketing campaign on a daily basis.

Romain T.

Thanks to Haroun I learned some simple techniques that allow me to considerably improve the photos taken with my phone. During my last trip I trained to use the "pro" mode of my smartphone. A few simple adjustments are enough to transform a smartphone into a more than convincing camera. The course is well structured and the concrete examples distilled during it make it super fun. THANKS !

Alex N.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to capture beautiful memories with their smartphone. It's practical, informative, and so much fun!

Aaron C.

This course has truly transformed the way I capture holiday and family moments. Haroun shared invaluable tips and techniques that have taken my pictures and videos to a whole new level. Thank you for making my holiday experiences even more special!

Zeljka B.

In the vast world of smartphone photography, Shot on Phone Masterclass stands out as a beacon of brilliance! It offers a unique perspective on capturing memories with just a tap. An essential guide for anyone looking to elevate their smartphone photography game. Highly recommended!

Johnny D.

Hello everyone. I love photography but as an amateur. I never followed any photography course. For the first time I bought Haroun Souirji's course online and I am very satisfied. It is clear and well explained. I recommend it to you.

Gunther B.

If you want to unlock the full potential of your smartphone camera, this photography course is a game-changer!

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Shot & Edited on Smartphone.

30-day money-back guarantee.

One email. Full refund. No questions asked.

Get Instant Lifetime Access.

Normal Price €199

Today's Price (-80%)

Only €39


Get Instant Lifetime Access.

Normal Price €199

Today's Price (-80%)

Only €39